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About the MGRA

The Middle Georgia Radio Association was formed as a different kind of radio club, one focused on technical and operational radio fundamentals. We offer monthly testing sessions at zero cost every month if you want to earn your amateur radio operator license! Check out our calendar for events, testing, and other engagements.

Our main mission is to provide an educational environment to the public along with ham radio operators throughout the area to learn, experiment, and enjoy the art of amateur radio. We offer technical seminars, public education/exposure, operating events, field day, special events, emergency communication prep, and help with station setups. We are active on the air, on social media, and on email to keep everyone in the know. During the week you will find the MGRA repeaters the most active with technical discussions in Middle Georgia and provide an easy link to reaching out to us. We hope that you can find a place with us - to nurture the hobby of radio communication so that it may be enjoyed and thrive for many more generations to enjoy.

Middle Georgia Repeaters

Frequency PL Tone Location Callsign & Info
147.300+ 107.2 Centerville, GA WR4MG - Echolink node WR4MG-R
146.955- 107.2 Perry, GA WR4MG - Echolink node WR4MG-L
442.900+ 107.2 Warner Robins, GA WR4MG
440.575+ 82.5* Houston County EOC WY4EMA - DMR, DSTAR, and FM (PL for FM)
444.950+ 107.2 Butler, GA WR4MG
147.195+ 107.2 Butler, GA WR4MG
147.180+ No tone Warner Robins, GA WB4BDP
146.850- No tone Warner Robins, GA WA4ORT
146.670- 82.5 Warner Robins, GA WM4B - Intertie Link active for ARES Nets
443.150+ 82.5 Warner Robins, GA WM4B
145.290- 82.5 Byron, GA WX4PCH

More repeaters in the Middle Georgia area can be found HERE

Calendar / Events

Testing Sessions

MGRA provides Amateur Radio license testing every month at no cost to you for the testing. Test sessions to obtain or upgrade your license are held on the second Saturday of every month at the Church of Christ (1947 Watson Blvd., Warner Robins) at 9:00am. Please visit the LINKS section to get documents and information you will need to bring to the testing session. You must register with us By EMAIL with your name and FRN to ensure the session seats are available and that the session is not moved or cancelled. Please note that MGRA does not charge any fee to test for your radio license, however the FCC does require a payment of $35 to process a passing test score once your test has been processed by the FCC to receive your license. This fee is collected by the FCC and IS NOT collected by the MGRA. MGRA is an Official Laurel VEC Testing group

Big Events

Our big events of the year to watch for: Winter Field Day (January), ARRL Field Day (June), Forsyth Ham Fest and swap meet (May), Medical Center 5k Fun Run (September), Warner Robins Swap Meet (October), Christmas Parade (December), and Annual MGRA/CGARC Christmas Dinner (December)!

MGRA Calendar

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